Mexico Holidays

Mexico Holidays

General Description: The main point of entry for Irish guests to Mexico is in to Cancun, which is also the gateway for the whole Yucatan Peninsula. A huge region it offers a multitude of activities to all manner of guests.

Cancun itself which is a 20KM sandy strip with many high rise hotels is famous for its hectic nightlife, extravagant shows and glitzy malls.

Move an hour south and you come to Playa del Carmen, which used to be an old fishing village and is currently the fastest growing area in the whole country. The main street in Playa is 5th Avenue, which is lined with craft shops, quirky restaurants and fun bars and is a far better place to find a bargain than Cancun.

Moving 10 minutes further south you come to an amazing National Park called Xcaret (pronounced Eshcaret) where you can see Mayan shows and swim with dolphins.

30 minutes off shore is the duty free island of Cozumel which is exceptionally popular for its diving. It also offers a wealth of quality bars and shopping.

Heading inland to the interior of the Yucatan you come to the historic Mayan site of Chitchen Itza and its 1,500 year old pyramids and the Spanish colonial cities of Merida & Campeche.

Whether you are looking to party till dawn, explore ancient history, explore magnificent underwater scenery (world 2nd longest coral reef systems runs along this coast) you will find it all in Mexico.

The Capital: Mexico City. Cancun is the regional capital on the Yucatan Peninsula.

International Airport: The main airport that is used by Irish guests is Cancun International Airport (CUN), in Cancun.

Getting There: Connections are available with British Airways and Virgin into Cancun via London Gatwick. Many options are also available via the United States.

Entry Regulations: Passport valid for at least 6 months after travel date.

Departure tax: It is usually included in the purchased airline ticket.

Cost of living: Comparable to Ireland.

Local Currency: Mexican Peso. US dollars are widely accepted.

Official Language: Spanish. English is generally spoken in tourist areas, but do not rely on this fact once you get away from these areas.

Did you know: Mexico has the second longest reef system in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The worm found in the of the Tequila Bottle is supposed to be an aphrodisiac! Local Mayan dialects are still spoken in the region.

Cost of living: Big brand prices in the glitzy shopping malls of Cancun are broadly similar to Europe, however there is excellent value to be found in local goods. Eating & drinking is substantially cheaper than Ireland, however Cancun is the most expensive part of Mexico.

Don’t Miss: Snorkelling along the barrier reef. Visit to Mayan ruins at Chitchen Itza & Tulum. Visit the Spanish colonial cities of Merida & Campeche, take in a Mayan show at Xcaret or for the more adventurous you can try out cave diving.

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