Caribbean Wedding on the beach

10 Nov Getting Married in the Caribbean

Here at Caribbean Blue, we love sunshine weddings and we want to give you the A to Z of the best reasons why you should choose the Caribbean as the perfect destination for your wedding. So here it is; our top reasons to get married under the Caribbean sun.

AAmazing choice of locations for your special day, whether you want silk white sand, lush rainforests or a historical plantation house to remember for the rest of your lives. You tell us what you have in mind and we’ll make recommendations.


BBarbados, ever popular with Irish holiday makers whether you’re on a budget or travelling at the 5 star level. The island is synonymous with warm sunshine, warm seas and an even warmer welcome. As they say on the ‘Rock’ its just 21 miles long but its smiles wide.


CCaribbean Blue, Ireland’s only Caribbean specialist, the people who know.


DDancing in the moonlight, to the lilting sounds of Calypso, Salsa, Merengue or Reggae, follow how the locals do it for a night of romance with your partner under the stars. Dancing will never be the same again.


EEnergised, that’s how you feel if you indulge in one of our luxurious spa holidays. Come home feeling relaxed, calm and at peace. To quote from one of our hotels, (Le Sport) Give us your body and we’ll give you back your mind.


FFriendly locals. No matter where you visit in the Caribbean you will constantly be reminded of the charming easygoing manner of the locals, Ya Mon!


GGrenada, One of prettiest little islands in the Caribbean, an extinct volcanic interior, with lakes and waterfalls for swimming, lush rainforest, stunning Grand Anse Beach and of course one of the prettiest capitals in the region in St Georges.


HHappiness is a place called Aruba, the ultimate island where you have the perfect mix of laid back Caribbean charm but with European organisation. Combine this with superb food, exciting casinos great shopping, you just wont have a reason to leave.


HHassle free way to plan your wedding whether its just the two of you or your bringing a group of family and friends. The only thing you will have to worry about is butterflies.


IIsland hopping, one of the best ways to see the Caribbean. You like travelling, so why limit yourself to one destination. Many couples choose a quiet week straight after the wedding, followed by a livelier week for the second week.  Ask us for suggestions.


JJolly Roger Pirate ship. A must do when visiting Barbados. Join in the fun, have some rum, dance to the reggae beats before walking the plank…if you dare!!!!


KKura Hulanda, one of our most unique hotels. Hundreds of years old and protected by UNESCO in downtown Willemstad in Curacao. This hotel is a living museum with bars restaurants and bistros. Magnificent


LLength of stay is 3 working days before you can get married on one of our islands.


LLadera, a stunning boutique hotel in the mountains of St Lucia, where all 32 rooms only have 3 walls. (personal favourite)


MMarley, Bob that is. Come visit Jamaica and feel the original ‘Irie’ vibe, where life seems to move in slow motion unless your dancing to the sounds of Jamaica’s most famous son.


NNon stop party fun in Cancun, the liveliest place in the Caribbean, where there are more bars clubs, restaurants, tours, shows and shops than you could possibly get through in a fortnight.


OOutdoors, if this is for you, come to Bonaire a quiet island with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Want to learn to wind or kite surf, fancy some night diving? You have chosen the right destination.


PPlaya del Carmen, just 40 minutes drive south of Cancun and you will get to taste the real Mexico. A great base from which to explore the Mayan and Spanish colonial histories of this enchanting country


PPlan your wedding or honeymoon early in order to avail of the many Early Booking Offers.


QQuality and value for money is what we aim to deliver. Value does not equal cheap. Value is getting exactly what you expect to get when you arrive.


RRum the quintessential ingredient for any good cocktail. Most islands have their own special blend. Definitely check out the Mount Gay Rum if visiting Barbados.


SSt Vincent & the Grenadines a string of 32 jewel like islands, strung out in the Windward chain located south of St Lucia. Come discover your own individual piece of Paradise, you won’t be disappointed.


TTobago, this is the ultimate eco-holiday destination serene, calm, green and with breathtaking beauty. Come and get in touch with nature, you don’t know what your missing.


UUnderwater, come see the other Caribbean. The 2nd largest coral reef system in the world, off the coast of Mexico, Over 86 shore dive destinations in Bonaire, hundreds of wrecks around Bermuda and of course crystal clear waters to see it all.


VVirgin Islands. Possibly the most beautiful and unspoilt place to be found anywhere in the Caribbean. Difficult to get to, but oh so worth the effort when you’re there. Wonderful water-sports, scenery, food and if your lucky check out the Bombay shack during the Full Moon Party


WWeddings, We offer civil weddings on all of the islands we feature. Many hotels offer free weddings if you stay a minimum amount of time. However we also offer full Catholic weddings on Antigua, Barbados, Curacao and St Lucia.


XX Factor, what is it that makes the Caribbean so special to so many people?. Even we can’t answer that! The people? The ambience? The beaches? The scenery? The weather? Or maybe it’s the whole ‘ya mon soon come’ attitude to everything in life?


YYacht charters, for that ultimate romantic holiday adventure, let us enchant you with a crewed charter. We provide the boat, the chef, the skipper the cocktails, the food. You provide the sun tan cream, but we’ll even rub it on if you wish. Life gets no better.


ZZero duty is what you pay on all purchases in St Martin/ St Maarten the smallest divided country in the world, also known as the gourmet capital of the Caribbean super shopping, and great casinos & nightlife. Do you need any other reasons to come and visit?