Cayman Islands Holidays

Cayman Islands Holidays

General Description: Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean (just south of Cuba), the Cayman Islands, (there are three separate islands) Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are renowned for dazzling white sand and breathtaking adventures above and below sea level. Each one offering a unique and exceptional Cayman island holidays experience. An average year round temperature of 27C , a pace of life that promises relaxation and a clean, safe and friendly environment will help ensure a great holiday. Renowned as being one of the world’s top dive destinations, the islands are surrounded by an incredible reef system and the most awe inspiring dive walls (though they should be called Cliffs as they drop 3000ft in places) with an abundance of tropical fish. Some have described descending to the wall like ‘skydiving under water’.

Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands and is the business and tourism heart of the island group. Cosmopolitan yet relaxed, the island is blessed with dramatic beaches the most famous of which is 7 Mile Beach on the islands west-end and excellent shopping. Meanwhile for the non-shoppers, activities abound for every taste including active thrill seekers. In recent years though the island has developed the type of food reputation that is the envy of many larger destinations. A variety of accommodations exist from great value suites such as the Sunshine Suites to the epitome of luxury in the Grand Cayman Suites.

Little Cayman
The least developed, smallest and most tranquil of the three Cayman Islands. Little Cayman offers seclusion and romance amidst striking scenery, making it the ultimate Robinson Crusoe-esque getaway. A population of less than 170 and only 1 mile wide, Little Cayman offers the type of unspoilt get back to nature experience to which most destinations only aspire. If visiting, even on a day trip make sure you venture to South Hole Sound Lagoon for a private swim in water that is every shade of blue imaginable.

Cayman Brac
For visitors looking for an alternative to the bright lights of Grand Cayman and who want to get off the beaten path then a visit to Cayman Brac on your beach holiday is a must. Named for its breathtaking 140 ft bluff, the “Brac” is a rugged and charming 14 square miles and is available as a day trip from Grand Cayman. Only 1,800 people live on the island (they are known as Brackers) and are famous for their warmth and welcoming smiles.


Where it is located: 300 Km’s north of Jamaica and approximately 800 Km’s south west of Florida

The Capital: George Town

International Airport: Owen Roberts Airport (GCM)

Getting There: Connections are available with British Airways via London Gatwick. Many options are also available via the United States.

Entry Regulations: Passport valid for at least 6 months after travel date.

Departure tax: It is usually included in the purchased airline ticket

Local Currency: Cayman Islands dollar

Official Language: English

Did you know: Throughout the year on all three of the islands there is a range of festivals and events: kids love Kids Camp (July) and Pirates Week (Oct), while the Jazz Festival (Nov) and Cayman Classic (March) are perfect for music and food-lovers alike.


Cost of living: The Caymans are generally considered expensive, how ever look food and drinks and local crafts are well priced.

Local Currency: Cayman Island Dollar. US dollars are widely accepted.

Don’t Miss: The bioluminescence kayaking tour.  Only available on the darkest of nights, this adventure showcases the most fascinating natural light show in the world.  Or for those who don’t like getting wet, descend 100ft in the Atlantis Submarine and discover a beautiful marine world.

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